Homeopathy bill

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It is hard to believe £12 million is still being wasted by Scottish health boards on largely useless homeopathy (your report, 23 October). Supposed “active agents” are diluted to zero concentration and then what is then nothing but water is reported to effect cures.

Cures for what? The most that can be gained is a placebo effect, linked to just being able to talk to practitioners, a feel-good ­factor which is irrelevant to ­accepted medical treatments for physical illnesses.

Where are the objectively authenticated studies confirming that homeopathy treatments are effective for cancers, liver disease, renal failure, broken bones and all the other ailments which beset people.

By all means keep homeopathy available for those who find it somehow helps them, but not funded from the public purse – those who want it, and who apparently get the feel-good factor which is helpful in some way, should pay for it themselves, as they do with over-the-counter medicines including “herbal remedies”.

Asking for a review of its public provision, as the Tories are reportedly doing, is pointless – being given just water is its own indicator.

(Dr) Joe Darby