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I READ with interest Gerry ­Hassan’s piece (Perspective, 24 November), arguing that BBC must reflect the diverse audiences it serves, and in particular the assertion that broadcast media, including STV, has not even tried to reflect contemporary Scottish culture and politics.

STV is committed to investment in high-quality public service content, including relevant current affairs programming that engages audiences and is reflective of the current Scottish political landscape.
As a contributor to STV’s news and current affairs programme, Scotland Tonight, Gerry may be aware that the show recently celebrated its first anniversary and is already established as a must-watch for keeping up-to-date with the top issues.

STV is committed to the delivery of innovative, high quality public service content and, in addition to Scotland Tonight, we provide the most local news service in the UK on television and our mobile and online services. Our news audience share is currently at a ten-year high.

You may also be aware that STV recently confirmed a new three-part landmark series examining the history and development of the independence question in Scotland. Road to the Referendum will air on STV in 2013 and further underlines our commitment as Scotland’s commercial broadcaster to provide a platform for debate at this pivotal time in our political history.

Bobby Hain

Director of Channels


Pacific Quay