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JAMES Keir Hardie, Labour Party founder and Home Ruler, would be birling in his grave if he knew that Alistair Darling was in cahoots with Tory grandees to thwart Scottish independence (your report, 15 December).

It is significant that the biggest cash gift to the anti-independence campaign was given by Donald Houston, owner of the Ardnamurchan Estate.

During the infamous Highland Clearances the people of this area suffered some of the most brutal of all the evictions.

Today the Ardnamurchan peninsula is one of the least populated areas of Scotland.

It is gratifying to learn that the Chinese, Indians, Norwegians and South Koreans who, in the past few months invested billions of pounds in the North Sea, have more faith in Scotland than the Tories who are bankrolling the Better Together campaign.

Donald J MacLeod

Woodcroft Avenue