Hi-vis sensibility

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As both a motorist and cyclist I read with interest the proposals to familiarise both truck drivers and cyclists with problems that each have in considering the others’ need to reduce the accident toll, and this is to be very much applauded (your report, 15 December)

However, there is additionally a serious need for a renewed campaign, both locally and ideally nationally, for all cyclists, not only in the cities, to be encouraged to wear hi-visibility clothing, even if this is only a hi-vis belt/reflectors, which cost pennies.

Even in daylight, never mind after lighting up times, I almost on every trip by car encounter cyclists in dark clothing and/or without any lighting.

In daylight shade, they are far too easily camouflaged, and lots of cyclists still seem not to recognise that. Surely, all cyclists have a primary responsibility to other road users to make themselves readily visible.

Before any “strict liability” law (where blame too easily will fall on the motorist in the event of an accident) is given further consideration, this issue should be addressed.

James Orr

Main Street