Heritage at risk

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The recent independence debates have been largely about money or even more basic, cash. This sadly misses the whole point.

After 1603, when James VI of Scotland took over the throne of England, and after 1707, when the Union of the two countries was democratically blessed, we set about with our fellow countrymen in England, Wales and Ireland to build and defend a strong, united country which we have done in the last three centuries.

We also went on together to build a Commonwealth, the strength and breadth of which was seen in Glasgow this year.

The UK is Scotland’s biggest investment, which we are now in danger of turning our back on and giving away in exchange for shrinking back within the boundaries of an ancient kingdom which itself, set out centuries ago, to give its people the opportunity and space to develop their outstanding talents and create an economy and an intellectual powerhouse which has built for all a better and greater world.

In the proposition being put to the Scottish people within the geographical bounds of Scotland, which excludes the many who live outside these boundaries, there is no vision, no ambition, nothing to inspire our youth.

This is truly sad. It is a downgrading of our people and their potential – no longer will our young have the natural right to go south. They have been deprived of their birthright won by their forebears.

While commentators compliment the protagonists on the absence of animosity, I, for one, am filled with animosity that one single adventure can so glibly give away our heritage and what our forbears have earned for us.

It is not about the cash; the debate is about the balance sheet and the destruction of our hard won assets.

(Sir) Bob Reid