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The entrepreneur James Caan made some interesting comments about getting young people to stand on their own two feet. When it comes to finding a job, I don’t agree that parents should refuse to help.

The reality is that those of us who can will always use our contacts to get our sons or daughters into a job.

Those young people who are not so lucky to have parents with business networks often struggle to stand out however hard they try. The result is that there are as many good people unemployed as working.

I believe a parent or friend should help if they can and employers, rather than resisting taking the time and trouble to employ and train up a young person, should apply a greater parental attitude to all young people.

If we would help our own kids into a job, why not others?

So, my answer would be more parenting, not less, and in particular “corporate parenting” where employers take on responsibility for giving these young people a helping hand into jobs.

Employers on my Hand Picked jobs programme offer an unemployed young person a three-month paid job, references and ongoing support.

By using their contacts and acting as a “corporate parent” this often leads to permanent employment. We work on giving support to all deserving young people – not taking it away.

Gerard Eadie CBE

Executive chairman,

CR Smith

Founder, Hand Picked