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TODAY, Chancellor George Osborne will present the final Budget of this parliament. Last week,  campaigners marked a historic moment when Parliament passed the International Development Bill which enshrines into law the 40-year commitment to invest 0.7 per cent of the UK’s national income in overseas aid. 

With the passage of this bill, we must now move the debate on UK aid from talking about the  quantity of aid to the quality.

There are 48 countries in the world that are categorised as the least developed countries. In countries such as Burundi, Liberia and Madagascar, 80 per cent of the population live on less than 80p a day. Currently, only a third of global aid currently reaches those countries that have the least development. This year’s budget is a reminder for Parliament, to show commitment to invest 50 per cent of the UK’s aid budget in these countries and make sure we build a better, safer world – in everybody’s interest.


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