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I COULD take issue with much that Allan Massie wrote about the Kirk (Perspective, 26 December), but I will restrict myself to the most important point.

Writing about Christianity in Scotland by focusing on the Kirk is like writing about telecommunications and focusing on the 
decline in landline phone use. There are flourishing churches centred on the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church of Scotland (for now), but the balance is shifting rapidly to such churches outside the Kirk. 

In Edinburgh, growing evangelical churches are moving into new premises. New churches are sprouting up left, right and centre. The media needs to catch up with developments and stop regarding the mumblings, infighting and decline of the Church of Scotland as the story of Christianity in Scotland.

Nominal census box-ticking “churchianity” is in decline, but communities following Jesus Christ are in rude health.

Richard lucas


Colinton, Edinburgh

There is no fear of Christianity disappearing from the land. The King and head of the Church has given that promise: “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

Yes, numbers may be declining in all the churches, but the true Church – that is, the body of Christ – is in no danger of disappearing. The bride of Christ has a promise that can never fail because it has come from the Creator God Himself no matter what Man – who tends to lean to his own understanding of things – thinks or says, our God reigns.

Rev Allan MacArthur

Lochcarron & Skye