Health tourism

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The NHS in Scotland is chasing more than £1.1 million of debts from overseas patients (your report, 8 April). No wonder there is a “postcode lottery” for life-saving drugs.

Overseas patients do not come to the UK with trivial 
ailments, but for problems which require lengthy and 
expensive treatment. One 
consultant said: “Every single week I see people who have flown in from all over the world with a great variety of extremely 
serious health problems.”

This fraud has already cost the NHS billions of pounds. The UK and Scottish governments must get tough and stop this “health tourism” immediately.

British people are being 
refused live-saving drugs 
because of this fraudulent health tourism tsunami. Foreign 
patients should have health insurance or pay up-front.

An NHS passport must 
quickly be introduced to prove eligibility for free, unlimited NHS care, but in the meantime, non-EU visitors to the UK should not be allowed to board an aircraft or ferry without 
adequate healthcare insurance.

The UK cannot afford to fund the healthcare needs of the rest of the world.

The NHS is not the WHS (World Health Service).


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