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John Cameron (Letters, 2 November) seems not to understand the history or purpose in wearing a white poppy. He condemns those who do as “sanctimonious” and accuses them of turning the idea of the poppy into a political pawn.

Wearing a white poppy does neither. The idea came from widows and mothers who had lost loved ones in the Great War and were determined that the senseless carnage of mechanised warfare never be seen again.

When the British Legion refused to include the phrase “no more war” in the centre of the red poppy, white ones were designed for people to register their hatred of militarism.

Nowadays, politicians are all too keen to be seen sporting a red poppy while sending young men off to die.

It is they who have politicised the idea of remembrance and they should be ashamed of their rank hypocrisy.

R Leask

Craigentinny Avenue