He’s alright, Jack

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What a joy that the art establishment seems to have come to its senses over the works of Jack Vettriano (your report, 27 June).

A retrospective and comprehensive exhibition of his paintings at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery will be immensely popular and is long overdue.

Common sense aesthetics, where the beauty and emotional impact of the pictures – yes, pictures – leaps off the canvas straight to the viewer and needs no wordy exegesis, explanation or analysis is much in the spirit of 19th-century masters such 
as Millais, Leighton, Collier or Holman Hunt.

Let us hope that the Kelvingrove exhibition in Glasgow will be as well attended as theirs were in London 150 years ago and will remind modern audiences that they don’t have to be told what to like.

Peter Laidlaw

Bramdean Rise