Hardly ‘abused’

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“Alexander ‘abused Cabinet position to get more cash for constituency’”, read the header over your article on 6 August.

The article went on to ­describe how the Highlands MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander had helped secure funding for the Inverness to London sleeper service, assisted in securing VAT relief for the skiing industry and was instrumental in seeing that Highlands Council was given a useful amount of money to support its disabled people.

Apparently Mr Alexander’s actions have not been well received either by his Labour counterpart, or the SNP, which of course cannot bring itself ever to admit that anything done for the direct benefit of Scotland could possibly come out of Westminster.

Your use of quotation marks around the header clearly ­implies that you are referring to a comment made by one of the complainers. Nowhere in the article does the phrase, “abused Cabinet position”, appear and Chris Leslie of Labour merely uses the word “fishy” to describe the extra funding awarded to Mr Alexander’s constituency. The use of the word “abused” clearly has implications of wrongdoing.

Was this phrase actually quoted? Using one’s position to help one’s constituents is one thing; abusing it quite another.

I am sure your readers will be able to judge which term is the most appropriate in Mr Alexander’s case.

I wonder if Mr Leslie thought that Gordon Brown “abused his position” when he secured the aircraft carrier contracts for Rosyth?

When Scottish jobs are created by someone in Westminster using what influence they have in that parliament, then surely that is something to be grateful for, not to merely treat with party political cynicism.

C Chalmers

Forth Street