Hard to forget

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I have tried and tried again to forget all about the referendum. Tried to forget how 55 per cent of the Scottish people were bullied, bribed, cajoled and frightened into giving away their heritage to the control of a bunch of discredited political parties in Westminster.

Our country, with its massive natural resources – oil, gas, coal, and renewable energy in the form of wind, tide, wave and hydro, fishing grounds, good farm land, timber, whisky and unlimited water – all likely to be seriously competed for in years ahead, along with its technological and scientific research base and world-class universities could take its place in the world as a fine, successful and prosperous small country.

Instead, our wealth is likely to be squandered on rescuing a grossly indebted UK economy, sustaining the Trident white ­elephant at Faslane and sending our young men to fight and die in hopeless foreign wars.

As Joyce McMillan, your ­ever-perceptive correspondent, rightly said (Perspective, 20 September), future historians “will reflect in amazement” at Scotland’s lost opportunity.

(Dr) John Slee

Hopetoun Terrace

Gullane, East Lothian