Had enough of Scottish Labour

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MICHAEL Dickie, judging by his letter (9 June), travels under a strange illusion if he thinks we the English want Scottish Labour MPs dominating English politics as they did in the Blair and Brown administrations – despite Labour returning around 40 MPs, the Scottish Labour intake provided 20 Cabinet ministers, all of whom had signed the Scottish Claim of Right.

Why does this matter? Because it was this Cabinet that approved the referendums for the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly and tried to impose Regional Assemblies rather than give England a parliament. It was this Labour Party that provided us with the unelected Lord Falconer, who said England will never have a parliament. It was also this Cabinet that forced through, using the whipping system on their cowardly English Labour MPs, the rotten foundation hospitals with PFI in England alone and university fees in England alone. If Mr Dickie thinks we ever want more of that he is burying his head in the sand.

Stuart Eels, 
Chippenham, Wiltshire