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The Conservatives plan to re-introduce the so-called snooper’s charter which was scuppered in 2012 by their Lib Dem coalition partner. This new law would give the security services and police the authority to check out all communications between individuals and others in order to protect us from, in the main, Islamic terrorists.

Great idea, you would think, but of course the Lib Dems are of the opinion that it’s only OK to intercept the conversations between terrorists.

I see, Mr Clegg. Just so that I am clear, how do we get to know who the bad guys are again? Mmm, not sure about that, eh?

It seems to be a reasonable idea during these dangerous times. It must be difficult in the extreme trying to fight organisations and individuals who have total freedom to plan and commit terrorism by using all means available when you do not have similar access and tools. It’s a “one hand tied behind the back” defence problem.

But there is another way: use the hacktivist “Anonymous” methods (your report, 13 January). That would be a more effective route, without all the palaver of new laws. Set up small groups and hack into everything covertly that could be dodgy; just don’t tell anyone. Remind you of anything? By the time the media get wind of it we’ll have bumped off all the bad guys and claim that the end justified the means. So, you see, it will be self-correcting once the party’s over.

Come on, if Tony Blair could get away with his “we’ll be bombed by Saddam in 45 minutes” story, this would be a walk in the park. Why bother being hamstrung by new rules?

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place