Gun licensing

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Clark Cross (Letters, 30 June) seems to have a problem with licensing of air weapons; personally I think it is one of the best things in a long time.

Perhaps in Linlithgow they don’t have the many idiots of all ages who indiscriminately fire at wildlife even in the built-up areas.

A former neighbour of mine was fined a paltry £100 five years ago for shooting – at very short range – a baby in the face, leaving likely permanent scarring, and his weapon wasn’t even confiscated. I once came under fire by an air rifle in the middle of a housing estate many years ago. It is a scary experience.

Clark Cross also took a jibe at possible dog licencing, saying perhaps they might be introduced at £80 a time, the same cost as a fine for not having a dog chipped.

Isn’t he aware that as of 6 April next year, all dogs will have to be micro-chipped at an average cost of £30, and non-compliance could lead to a fine of up to £500. This is a way of licensing and far too long overdue.

Nik Wirsten

Leslie Place