Guardian tangle

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Has the world gone crazy? I can hardly believe how misguided the Scottish Parliament is in drafting the Children and Young People Bill to include a clause that all children should have a “guardian” (your report, 8 October).

As a mother and grandmother I feel insulted by such an idea and cannot imagine how any advisers – if they exist – could suggest such an idea. How dare they?

I realise that there is a small percentage of parents who lack adequate skills.

However, the majority of parents are responsible, caring people and do not need a “guardian” to interfere in the upbringing of their children.

As a retired adviser on social work to the Scottish Office I can only wonder who are the advisers in drafting such a document.

We need this extra money to employ more trained social workers to improve services to children in need and those who are disabled.

Brenda Holmes

Acre Road

Muirhouses by Bo’ness

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