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Shame on WWF for green-­washing the filthy fish-farming industry.

WWF claims that the new “global salmon initiative” will be a “game-changer” and will “radically change aquaculture”.

Yet the new farmed salmon standards advanced by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council still permit the use of toxic chemicals, the discharge of contaminated wastes, sea lice infestation and the spread of infectious diseases.

Even a colour-blind panda can see through the dubious claim that salmon farming produces a “highly sustainable source of healthy food”.

A peer-reviewed scientific paper published in the journal Science, for example, showed how farmed salmon contained cancer-causing chemicals such as dioxins, PCBs and DDT.

Far from being sustainable, the farming of carnivores such as salmon drains our oceans of wild fish for use in fish feed, leading to a net loss in protein.

Unlike pandas, farmed salmon don’t eat bamboo shoots and consume vast quantities of fish oil and fish meal derived from anchovies, sandeels and other small fish.

In fact, scientists have calculated it takes three to five tonnes of wild fish to produce one tonne of farmed salmon.

WWF should stop playing the green-washing game and start fighting the expansion of salmon farming in Scotland.

If WWF is serious about “embracing sustainability”, then it should not be embracing a toxic industry which is the kiss of death for wild fish.

Don Staniford

Protect Wild Scotland

Argyle Street

Ullapool, Wester Ross