Great Scott!

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I write aghast and angry that my old former pupil of the Royal High School, Sir Walter Scott, is having his works re-written by Purdie, Calder and McCall Smith (David, Jenni and Alexander).

It sounds like a company of Edinburgh lawyers who have come together and will make the noble works of Sir Walter common language so that people can read his novels on the bus.

Sir Walter remains an iconic figure in Scottish literature and while I am in favour of his works being explained and interpreted, the rewriting of them and the editing is certainly over the top.

Sir Walter sits in his statue – a great figure who has played his part in shaping the history of the nation.

Please don’t meddle with his works, but by all means help to interpret them for the present age so that more people will be tempted to read them and enjoy the Waverley novels.

(Rev Dr) George Grubb

Wellhead Close

South Queensferry