Gone are the days

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Brian Wilson’s memory of the 1962 rectorial election at Glasgow University (Perspective, 11 December) is not absolutely ­accurate.

Lord Rosebery was a candidate, but he was not the one sponsored by the Conservative Club: that was Ted Heath. Behind Albert Lutuli, the clear victor, the other three candidates were widely spaced, with Robert MacIntyre a good second and Heath a bad fourth.

A flashback comes to me of passing Donald Dewar as I walked down University Avenue towards the Union – I was then a wide-eyed first-year student – and hearing him shout to somebody across the road “We’ve done it – Lutuli’s in! And do you know who’s bottom? Heath!”

Well may an auld bachle like me say: “Those were the days.”

I don’t know about Glasgow, but the triennial rectorial elections at Aberdeen show not one spark of the energy, enthusiasm, commitment and sheer exuberance that animated the entire student community on that occasion: they pass almost without notice.

Derrick McClure

Rosehill Terrace