God’s plan

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Like John Mason MSP, I’m a committed Christian. Like John Mason, I’m in the SNP and, like him, I also was led into that political view through scripture (“SNP MSP cites Bible in campaign for Yes vote”, 28 December).

In my case, it was the way God distributed land to each of the tribes with precision. I reasoned that God had, in like manner, given the Scottish tribes their territory. However, to me the Tower of Babel story has a different meaning to that espoused by Mr Mason – but still with implications for independence. It was primarily God’s reaction to the defiance of His creation that they would be given so many languages that confusion would reign.

Perhaps there is a secondary implication that God is giving the rest of Britain a personal experience of what happens when you are split up because of our meddling in Middle Eastern affairs – trying to split up what God Himself put together?

Margaret E Salmond

Dunbar Street