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YOUR report (12 February) headlined “Defeated Trump turns his back on Scotland” may have given us the year’s most uplifting news so far.

I know that the Jeremiahs will wring their hands and moan about unmaterialised jobs, and lost local income, but some things are simply worth more than money: seeing off a rich man who tries to trump the democratic process with his wealth will always be one of them.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road


Living as I do in Aberdeen, I am sometimes reminded of the old saying, that “money can’t buy you class”. This certainly could not be truer in the case of Donald Trump.

Mr Trump’s self-importance implied that his view from the golf course was of greater significance than securing Scotland’s energy future, £230 million of investment and the hundreds of jobs that would be brought to Aberdeen and the North-east.

I hope that this is now the beginning of the end of the Trump Organisation in Scotland.

Sean Ashley

Garden Road


IT IS extremely disappointing that Donald Trump’s initiative is not better supported.

Wind farms are a curse in Scotland; they are of limited use and the technology will relatively quickly become obsolete. 

The truth about wind farms is that they are being promoted as the future, while hydro generation is being deliberately curtailed to justify their provision.

Dare we hope that First Minister Alex Salmond’s visit to a hydroelectric plant might convince him of the superiority of hydro generation?

In a few years’ time, there will be no oil and gas in the North Sea, a source of revenue that will dry up like the wells, whereas Mr Trump’s development would be a permanent and significant tourist attraction that would provide all manner of jobs and a source of income for the local community and beyond.

This project should be encouraged and supported to ensure it happens before it is too late. 

Duncan F Robertson 

Liberton Gardens 


FROM an economic viewpoint, it must be recalled why Donald Trump’s investment plans were granted planning consent (your report and Perspective, 12 February).

Environmental heritage and housing policies were “over- ridden” because the golf resort was of “national economic importance”.

It is doubtful if the economy will collapse if “The Donald” does “turn his back on Scotland”.

Investment in North Sea oil and gas is many times more than Trump’s £1 billion.

Hopefully, the planning permission includes a clause “to restore the site to its previous designation”.

Will this cost be borne by the Trump Organisation, or did Aberdeenshire Council insure against the risk?

Arguably, it shows how an economic proposal like this one should always begin and end with ceteris paribus.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire