Gloomy legacy

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As I look forward to receiving my bus pass next year, Gerry Hassan’s article entitled “Broken Britain may not be worth repairing” (Perspective, 2 February) prompted me to consider the major international events in which Britain has been involved over my lifetime – a period spanning one-fifth of the Union between Scotland and England.

The ignominy of Suez, the loss of empire and failure to create the world’s largest trading block in the Commonwealth, being barred from entry to the European Common Market then accepting punitive terms to get in, the decimation of our manufacturing base and the predominance of the London city state in the wake of the Big Bang, the Iraq War, the Banking crisis and the none too subtle dismantling of the welfare state; all show an unremitting decline. What’s next?

Can someone from the Better Together Campaign paint an 
alternative picture?

Graeme McCormick