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Having been in the services, I pay attention to articles on
defence matters. On pages 14 and 15 of yesterday’s paper (27 October) was a picture of the Union Flag being lowered by “soldiers”.

One of these “soldiers” was a captain in the Royal Navy.

I was glad to see the flag was correctly named the Union Flag; it is a Union Jack when flown from the jackstaff of a warship. The BBC recently had a news item on an attack on the
Bismarck, stating that the attack was carried out by aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

I grappled with their
website to correct them on their reporting, that the aircraft were Fairey Swordfish of the Fleet Air Arm, but short of telephoning them, I failed to make contact.

It is grand that you give us easy access to give our views. Thank you.

Guy Chappell