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May I say how much I agree with Alastair Harper over the proposed renaming of Edinburgh Airport (Letters, 7 December). Such an event has caused me at least confusion in the past when an airport has been renamed between trips, making me wonder if I have boarded the right plane.

But, more pertinently, and without casting any aspersions on those celebrities who might be on the list, how would the people of Yorkshire feel now if Leeds/Bradford airport had been renamed the Sir Jimmy Savile Airport?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: never, ever, name any public structure or institution – whether the new Forth bridge, a public toilet or much-needed charity – after any person, living or dead, no matter how worthy they may appear at the time. Sooner or later, something nasty will come out of the woodwork.

Peter Kent

Greengates, Meikle Wartle Aberdeenshire