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John Risely (Letters, 5 November 5) asks why is it that some entrepreneurial women are not establishing an all-female business to exploit the wages gender gap differential and thus ­employ top-quality staff at relatively low pay.

Apart from a possible, though arguable, answer being that women are more morally ­minded than their male counterparts, it might be that such a set up would be too open.

“Furtive” is the operative word in Britain in such matters, which explains the existence of a gender pay gap in the first place. The back door is always preferable to the front. Britain doesn’t do openness.

In the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2014, the top countries for the smallest gap, ie more equal pay 
between women and men, are all Scandinavian: Iceland first (for the sixth successive year), then Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Next are Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Ireland at ninth.

How dare any woman face up to the obvious prejudice that prevails in Britain and be entrepreneurial in a gender way!

It is simpler to have a few high-profile women MPs and such rather than every single woman in Great Britain being entitled to equal pay, not to mention cheaper.

And folk won’t notice what is called the differential. Furtive – that’s it.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive