Gender inequality

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I WAS very unimpressed with Nicola Sturgeon’s desperate attempt to woo the female vote with the SNP’s “Women Pledge” commitment to gender equality, and with a desire to have a 50:50 gender balance on all boards by 2020.

I believe that this is a completely unworkable pledge and that applicants should be assessed on their skills and experience for the positions and not on political correctness.

Nicola Sturgeon is being paid a very high salary to represent the people of Scotland as a whole but since she came to power as First Minister she has concentrated on, and almost becoming obsessed with women’s issues.

What about the other 50 per cent of the population? Men experience inequality as well in the workplace although few women would admit that. It seems inequality is a woman’s issue. Be careful Nicola Sturgeon you may lose the male vote.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square,