Gelt for Celts

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As someone with a long-term interest in the concept of independence, coupled with many years’ experience of living and working in distant lands, some emerging out of a union into a more go-it-alone ideal, I know a little of the problems that beset their good intentions.

When you ally yourself with a currency you are caught in its economic health. In my lifetime the pound has rolled and tumbled many times.

The euro, American dollar and Japanese yen likewise have taken unexpected downward turns.

Alex Salmond needs to unearth some strong currency link rather than the spurious Manx idea (your report, 16 July)

What about the Canadian dollar, formerly always half of, but now strongly on par with, the American dollar, or, better still, the shekel, the only strongly resilient currency presently with us?

Of course, my namesake would then need to exert his undoubted persuasive charms successfully on the state of Israel.

Margaret E Salmond

Dunbar Street