Gay marriages

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Your news story on the Scottish Government’s latest phoney consultation on gay “marriage” (12 December) really does take the breath away.

This indeed on the very day that just over half a million signatures from all over the UK defending traditional marriage have been handed in to Downing Street.

We read in your news story that the reason for the rejection of the first consultation was that it was “heavily politicised with organised lobby groups on both sides mobilising nationwide campaigns”.

This is not only specious, but it is cant, hypocrisy and humbug of the very highest order. One of the lobby groups involved was the gay pressure group Stonewall, which has campaigning offices in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. The Edinburgh one is partially financed by the Scottish Government, which now seems to be arguing that it ought not to have campaigned.

Trust in the honesty and integrity of SNP government is now melting like snow off the proverbial dyke. In the approach to the referendum on our nation’s future this a national tragedy.

Alan Clayton



The decision by the British Government to allow Church of England churches not to marry gay couples if they so wish shows that in Britain in 2012 discrimination is acceptable provided it is cloaked in religion.

Religion was the source of much homophobia and hence rather than being allowed to perpetuate the prejudice all religions should ask themselves: “Could and should we have done more earlier to stop homo-
phobia in Britain?”

Religion should not become the last hiding place of prejudice of any sort: race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street