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Like many in the country I was very excited about the upcoming sporting spectacle of the Commonwealth Games and was pleased that such an event was coming to Scotland.

When the bidding opened I pledged a seemingly huge amount of my cash to purchasing tickets, knowing full well –from a similar experience with the Olympics – that I would not be successful in every case; and indeed I was not.

I was lucky enough, however, to get tickets to three of the main athletics events. Unfortunately, as that process was a while ago I could not have foreseen that another occasion must now take priority and I am saddened to say I will no longer be able to attend.

So when I got an e-mail from Glasgow 2014 on 23 June informing me that the ticket resale facility was open I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I would get my money back and that someone else would get the chance to attend.

It was only when I clicked on the link provided a couple of days later I saw that the window provided for this procedure only extended to three days. The tickets must be returned to the organisers by the 26 June.

By anybody’s standards this is an incredibly short time frame. Contact with the organisers has confirmed that there will be no extension of the resale process although an apology was provided for the short notice.

What should be a shining moment for a nation that prides itself on its fair and equal treatment of citizens has turned, for me, into the experience of being ripped off and also denies someone else the opportunity of attending this event.

John Greiner

George Street