Fuel bill failure

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In A week when it was announced that many more thousands of homes are set to go into fuel poverty, we need the UK 
energy regulator to tell us that there will be further rises in fuel bills, due to updating the transmission system, like the proverbial hole in the head.

This toothless organisation never seems to put the 
consumer first.

The weakness of regulation in the energy market benefits 
utility company profits and 
penalises the consumer but this should not come as any surprise.

Regulation promised much but delivered little.

It is long past time that Ofgem was finally shut down and a new, strong regulation system put 
in its place by the government to stop these further rises – and to control the government’s 
fantasy dash for more windmills and other very costly energy
systems crucifying the people 
of the UK with even more unsustainable prise rises in electricity and gas.

Living in the 21st century should not involve choosing between heating and eating.

It is time both the UK, and 
indeed the Scottish Government, got a grip.

There should be a balanced generation of nuclear, a little gas and some solid, dependable renewables like tidal power.

That would be the solution, along with ensuring that the energy utilities cut their profits to help those less fortunate.

It really will be a bleak Christmas for many this year.

MPs and MSPs should hang their heads in shame.

Iain J McConnell


East Lothian