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Brian Monteith (Perspective, 28 April) rejects Alex Salmond’s offer of a friendly social union with England. Has he forgotten the previous two “separatist” native English-speaking countries, or does he think Scotland should follow their example?

America fought a bitter seven-year war for independence, became a republic, and is not even coming to the Commonwealth Games.

Nor is Ireland, a member of the United Kingdom before Scotland, from Henry VIII’s time, which fought a 28-year war, some say a 120-year war which is still going on. Now a republic also out of the Commonwealth.

I much prefer Salmond’s vision of friendly co-operation within a continuing United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Far from “rejecting everything the UK stands for”, as Brian 
Monteith says, the only thing being rejected is rule by Westminster. In compensation, of course, Westminster will have no MPs representing Scotland so Danny Alexander and co will be out of a job, and Labour will have fewer votes. No wonder there is opposition.

George Shering

West Acres Drive

Newport-on-Tay, Fife