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David Allan (Letters, 18 April) does not seem to realise that the independence referendum is about independence for Scotland and not independence for Scots. That is why all who are
resident in Scotland will be able to vote in the referendum and anyone who is not resident in Scotland will not be allowed to vote.

Mr Allan’s Polish barber may vote but is at liberty to choose not to vote if he feels the matter is of no concern to him.

Mr Allan’s daughters can choose to become resident in Scotland before the referendum if they so wish in order to be able to participate.

Such a move might be complex and cause considerable
upheaval but I understand there are people making that choice.

The relevant authorities can, I understand, take action against those who
improperly register to vote at an address in Scotland while
remaining resident elsewhere.

Mr Allan is completely wrong to say that his daughters are in danger of being made “foreigners” by their own people.

The white paper, Scotland’s Future, makes it clear that they will remain Scottish citizens after Scottish independence.

Andrew Parrott

Stuart Avenue