‘Free’ public services 
face threat from cuts

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We have to live within our
means. We can’t count on oil and gas to be our saviour. 
We need to build up the real economy – the private sector and manufacturing – not civil servant pencil pushers and form designers.

- Duelaynomore

The Centre for Public Policy
and the Regions seems consistently pessimistic.

- Incandescent

The level of NHS spending
should be protected in Scotland but somebody really needs to get a grip on what that budget is actually spent on. At least down south they have had the bottle to start tackling the waste. There are so many myths surrounding the sacred cow that is the NHS in Scotland.

- Exiled Leither

A lot of people extolled the
virtues of private management of the NHS, citing less red tape, cheaper provision and better delivery of service, but we 
are now seeing evidence of 
how dangerous that is.

- DonnyWho

Interesting to note from
PMQs that some drugs are not available in England.

- Gus1940

Using the “free” zillions 
that are wasted on pointless Gaelic instead on health and 
social care would be wonderful.

- Nott-hamish

How about people start
accepting some responsibility for themselves and pay for their own services? Nothing is free in this world. Someone else is paying for you and sick of doing it.

- Alice

I imagine the Westminster
cuts will be accepted by the 
Labour Party after Johann 
Lamont’s call for the means 
testing of benefits.

- Fittiebeach

Cuts have to be made and
we are all in for a very hard time.

- Charles Linskaill