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Nearly two weeks after a process which has cost the country millions, delivered a clear, and in some regions, overwhelming, majority, the losers are continuing to cry foul and demanding a rerun, either immediately or whenever the SNP can obtain a majority vote for this in ­Holyrood.

This is precisely the situation which I anticipated in my letter which you published in August: a bitterly divided country.

I therefore repeat the suggestion I made at that time: those regions that voted to leave the UK should do so while the rest remain.

It would be appropriate to give the electorate of the Glasgow area and Dundee an opportunity to reflect and reconsider by running a referendum in these four areas only with the question: “Do you wish to remain part of Scotland in the United Kingdom or to form a new independent country? Yes/No.”

I am sure the Yes campaign planners should be able to map out a rosy future for them as the Luxembourg of the North.

Jack W Ponton