Forgotten victims

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THE recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that a murderer – properly given by an English court a whole life imprisonment tariff – should have the possibility of eventual release and a case review seems to ignore the human rights of the victims’ families.

Did, I wonder, any of the 17 judges give the slightest consideration to the devastating effect their outrageous judgment would have on these families, who will never be free of their suffering to their dying day (your report, 10 July)?

The human rights lawyer, John Scott QC, says: “A relatively small number of life prisoners go on to commit new murders when released, so the risk to the public is probably not significant” (Analysis, same day).

Indeed, not significant for most of us, but highly significant to the next victim and their family of one of these “new murders”.

Is Mr Scott seriously suggesting that the very slight risk of being murdered by a released lifer is 
acceptable? Surely it is a basic human right not to be subjected to the possibility of being killed by someone, misguidedly given hope and a road to possible 
freedom by an equally misguided European court.

Malcolm W Ewen

Ferryhills Road

North Queensferry