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I HAVE lived in Scotland all my life and had never heard the term “food bank” until the past year or so, but now, according to the Holyrood health and sport committee, 23,000 people in Scotland are dependent on them (your report, 13 December). What an indictment on the UK government’s benefit cuts. Even worse, under present UK welfare policies, the Child Poverty Action Group say that 100,000 children in Scotland will be pushed into poverty by 2020.

Having spent much time in Norway and Denmark during my years in the oil industry, I asked friends there what they thought of this situation and was met with disbelief that a rich and developed country could allow this to happen. The concept of food banks is unknown there, except in connection with Third World countries dependent on western aid.

Is this to be our future if we vote No next year?

James Duncan

Rattray Grove