Flower has wilted

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What price a national anthem for an independent Scotland? Clearly the impoverished nation predicted by Better Together could never afford to pay royalties for Flower of Scotland to The Corries (Music) Ltd, which must be laughing all the way to the bank after its frequent outings at the Commonwealth Games this last week.

Perhaps it’s time for Alex Salmond to announce Scots Wha Hae as Plan B. This, in addition to having far superior words and tune to Roy Williamson’s kailyard dirge, has the advantage of being long out of copyright.

John Eoin Douglas

Spey Terrace


Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games are doing a fantastic job in promoting Scotland and the Scots. Even the weather has joined in the party (well most of the time). What’s spoiling the occasion for me is our pathetic attempt at a national anthem.

I left Scotland more than 50 years ago to live happily among the Auld Enemy so missed the point when Flower of Scotland was apparently adopted as our anthem.

What a miserable, mournful, downbeat wee song better suited to the bus home from the match on Saturday night than a celebration for a proud nation.

It even ends on a low note rather than lifting us with an inspirational crescendo. What ever happened to Scotland The Brave with its stirring words and music?

After the September referendum, in which I’m not allowed a vote, perhaps the next Scottish Parliament might try putting some pride back into our anthem.

If they can’t adopt Scotland the Brave then maybe a Saturday night TV phone-in would be a cheap alternative to another referendum.

Roy McIlwain

Photinia Close


The biggest lesson from the Games?

If national anthems are about pride, passion, love and joy, let’s dump the wilted Flower of Scotland and go with the anthem that unites our nation and stirs even the Sassenachs. Let’s go with the Proclaimers!

Philip J Davison

Richmond upon Thames