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So Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and his predecessor Michael Moore are indicating that in the event of a Yes vote in September they will be applying for places on the Scottish negotiating team; first in line for the trough again, before the votes are even cast (your report, 28 August).

If there is a Yes vote it will mean we will have roundly rejected the values of Carmichael, Moore et al, and Alex Salmond should think again before he offers places to them and their ilk to negotiate on our behalf.

Those representing Scotland at the independence negotiations should be drawn from those who have shown confidence in an independent future for the country – not carpetbaggers on the run from Westminster.

How odd to think that the future of an independent of Scotland may be negotiated by Carmichael, who campaigned against it, rather than Colin Fox or Jim Sillars, who have worked for it. I suppose that’s what you call real politik … or shades of 1707.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road