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As a Falklands veteran I still have an interest in events 8,000 miles away. What sticks in the craw is that it is comparatively recently that the desire of the Argentine government (whose economic policies make our fiscal future look positively rosy) president Cristina de Kirchner and her cronies to sabre-rattle over sovereignty.

The oil companies (mostly British) have spent hundreds of millions on wildcat exploration. Some, like Rockhopper Exploration, got lucky; others are still on the hunt. The Argentine government has bullied the islanders and threatened legal action against the oil companies.

It disrupts and harasses cruise ships docking in the Argentine port of Ushuaia legitimately heading for the Falklands and then expects to rule the islands within 20 years, and all because it wants to make a killing from black gold.

If the islanders wish to remain a British overseas territory I am happy to defend them and their rights once more, and my uniform still fits.

David Cruickshanks

Forth Street