Field of battle

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It IS commendable that so many of our historic battlefields have been accorded due protection from inappropriate development (your report, 17 December). But there is one battlefield of great significance that seems to have been overlooked.

I refer not to a military battlefield but to a sporting one.

The famous playing fields at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh were the location of the first ever friendly battle between Scotland and the Auld Enemy.

The England versus Scotland rugby match held there in 1871 preceded the round-ball internationals.

A planning application currently under consideration by the City of Edinburgh Council would, if granted, transform this open green site into a commercially oriented stadium and shopping complex.

Short of installing missile silos at Bannockburn I can think of nothing so destructive to our cultural heritage as this wholly misguided proposal.

Why hasn’t Historic Scotland or the National Trust for Scotland intervened?


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