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Reading the recent article about the Rosyth to Zeebrugge freight ferry (Platform, 8 November) made me long for the old “Superfast” passenger and freight ferry.

As a foot passenger I had many holidays in beautiful Bruges via this crossing and for those with a dislike of air travel it was a most relaxing way to travel. The Rosyth terminal also had excellent facilities.

It was not just a ferry; it was a mini luxury cruise, far superior to its replacement which was eventually cancelled due to lack of passengers. I wonder if one of the reasons for the lack of interest was because it was poorly publicised.

Many people I mentioned it to knew little about it.
It would be welcomed if a combined passenger and freight ferry could be reinstated – at least for the tourist season.

And like the freight mentioned in your article, car travellers from Scotland could avoid the journey to Newcastle or Hull and start their holiday from the moment they stepped on board, and with the welcome influx of tourists from the continent as a bonus.

Susan Johnston

Leslie Place