Ferry clever

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AS POINTED out by Tom Peterkin in his Inside Politics column (Perspective, 31 May) much is being made of differences within the Yes camp in the run-up to the 2014 referendum. May I ­venture a useful analogy.

There is a proposal to build a bridge across a river. Some say why go to the bother and expense when we already have a ferry. However, there are some on each bank who want the bridge.

Of course, those on the north bank want the bridge for travelling south while those on the south want it for going north, so they both favour the project but for, dare we say, diametrically opposing reasons.

Other differences could emerge. For instance, normally there would be two lanes in each direction but if it seemed there would be more traffic from north to south than the other way a case could be made for three lanes one way and one the other.

Nevertheless, its supporters on both banks still want the bridge, as, however it is eventually used, they believe it will be an improvement on the ferry.

S Beck

Craigleith Drvie