Feline disgust

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An ITV documentary on Monday revealed that there are 8.5 million cats in the UK but did not give the downside.

It is estimated that 50 million birds and small mammals are massacred by cats every year.

I have a pair of wrens nesting in a tree and they have now hatched their young.

Wrens are not plentiful so every one counts.

Imagine my anger to see a cat walk along the fence and leap into the tree to try to kill the birds. On this occasion I was able to chase the cat away.

Cats no longer kill for food but for fun – ever seen one with a field mouse? That cats foul people’s gardens is trivial alongside this horrific slaughter.

A friend has a neighbour with eight cats, so relationships are strained to say the least.

If cat owners are really nature lovers then they should put a
bell on their cat to warn the 
birds of their pet’s stealthy 

Clark Cross

Springfield Road