Fear returns

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I note from your front page (SNP plan ‘timebomb to deliver independence’, 6 October) that the No campaign is continuing to misrepresent what has been said by the SNP and is thus
continuing to run scare stories.

Nicola Sturgeon has never said, as far as I am aware from watching the TV news and 
reading the papers, that there will be “a rapid second independence referendum” as claimed by Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael.

Shortly after the vote on the referendum was known she told a reporter that the next referendum would be at the request of the people, not her.

Her article in the Scottish Left Review merely confirms that she still believes that one day Scotland will be an independent country. It is quite shameful that Alistair Carmichael is once again spreading inaccuracies and doubts amongst our business community and others. I thought that a large part of his job was to build up Scotland as a good place to carry out business.

George McKnight

Haburn Road

West Calder, West Lothian

Nicola Sturgeon says that
independence is a question of “when”, not “if”. The SNP simply doesn’t get it.

The question is not whether Scotland can or could govern itself. Everyone is agreed that it can and could. The question is whether Scotland is best placed – and importantly, best represented – as part of a wider union.

They should at least respect the referendum result, and the intelligence and goodwill of those who voted No by ceasing to misrepresent what unionism means in a Scottish context.

John Shields