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With only months to go before the countdown to Scotland’s rail franchise renewal, the sins of omission of First ScotRail are beginning to show

In the decade that First ScotRail has held the franchise, how much actual work has it undertaken in rationalising our national fares structure? John Brown’s letter (25 May) highlights simply daft anomalies. Why has First ScotRail allowed these to exist?

First ScotRail may well claim to have ironed out this-or-that snag, or altered such-and-such a fares problem, but the actuality is that such changes benefiting the passenger have almost always come about through doughty work by rail campaigners.

First ScotRail lauded to the skies its recent move to cut fares through ending the practice of split ticketing. But the self-
congratulation disguised two stings in the tail: this move benefits precisely 0.3 per cent of the travelling public and First ScotRail has had the brass neck to gain a £2.28 million subsidy from the Scottish Government to cover downturn in revenue as a result of ending split-ticketing.

We benighted passengers face a fares system that is both labyrinthine and byzantine. Thus, we can never be sure that we have been sold the cheapest ticket for the journey.