Fancy a Chinese?

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Scotland’s going to vote on leaving Britain. Britain’s going to vote on leaving the European Union. The European Union wants to leave the rest of Europe, especially the Soviet Union. Both the European Union and the Soviet Union (and the US, including Major Tom) want to leave the planet and hang out in space.

I guess we’re all a set of 
Babushka dolls, each one trying to get out of the other. (And the Russians invented those.)

Meantime, if I were a student at Glasgow University again, I’d be learning, instead of just
eating, Chinese. The Chinese are not voting to leave anything. Why should they? They are the new dudes.

I’m already talking to the Mandarin ducks in the River Thames. They’re inscrutable, though. They don’t even quack back. I like that in a duck.

P J Davison

Richmond upon Thames