Family values?

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The UK government has once again shown where its priorities and values lie (your report, 
5 August). Chancellor George 
Osborne and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander have announced that they will fund families with two working parents with £1,200 each child for childcare after 2015.

According to Mr Osborne, this is because “this government is on the side of people who want to work hard and get on in life”.

Unless, of course, you are a parent who wants to work hard by staying at home and look after your children, thus helping them get on in life. Or those who want to work hard but can’t get a decent job. This government says it will penalise those who are on housing benefit and have an extra room, even when suitable alternative accommodation is not
offered, because it cannot afford the bill.

How then can it afford £1 billion to provide childcare for those who are earning up to £300,000 per year? Do we really have a Chancellor who is going to penalise the poor and subsidise the rich? What possible justification can there be for paying those who earn £150,000 each per year child care so they can go out and earn that money?

This government is creating a dependency culture for the wealthy, ensuring a regular supply of taxpayers’ money which can be used to purchase the cheap labour for the menial tasks (like looking after children) which they do not want to do.

It is the politics of privilege and the economics of madness. Instead of subsidising the rich, why can the government not use the money to encourage a decent living wage for the poor, and to help create jobs which have value and meaning for all – not just the elites?

David Robertson

Solas CPC

St Peters Free Church