False idols

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Now that Bolton player Fabrice Muamba has indeed risen from the dead, the football community can be confirmed as the chosen people, the new elect. Football’s accession to global cultural pre-eminence has to be acknowledged by all. Even Richard Dawkins must finally cease his opposition to faith in the face of such clear proof of exception.

News media companies have already given due recognition and prominence. World events were placed second, third and fourth to the story of Fabrice Muamba’s collapse while playing at Tottenham. BBC News 24 and Radio 5 offered saturation coverage. BBC Radio 5 cut away from the Prime Minister’s important speech on infrastructure to hear Bolton manager Owen Coyle offer a few pious content-free generalities on Muamba’s condition.

Leaving Christianity out of the public value system of the nation leads to absurdity. Idolatry gives worth to what is undeserving of such attention.

Rev Dr Robert Anderson

Blackburn & Seafield Church, Blackburn

West Lothian