Fairness breach

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In my opinion voters on both sides of the divide – irrespective of the way they intend to vote – should be incensed by the manoeuvres of the three amigos to influence the outcome by offering additional powers to the Scottish Parliament if a No decision is made.

Surely this is an affront to democracy when it is taken into account that many postal votes have already been cast. Offering additional powers after many people have made their decision amounts to profoundly underhand tactics.

If the Electoral Commission is the body that has legal jurisdiction to pronounce on whether fairness has been breached, it should be making its views known to the public.

Politicians are often accused of being hypocrites and I can only conclude the three desperadoes are acting thus. If what is on offer by them is something approaching devo-max, why isn’t this an option on the ballot paper?

Neil Macvicar

Dalgety Street